Trailer Hitches

trailer hitch

Ball Mounts

Ball mounts can be confusing. Some call them draw bars or even hitches or even receivers. Just call them ball mounts. We can get ball mounts that are rated from 2,000 lb. to 30,000 lb., from an inch and a quarter square to two inch square to two and a half inches square. I suppose soon a truck manufacturer will come out with a three inch square hitch just so that can make an ad where a bunch of burley guys are pulling out a Sherman tank that is half buried in mud.

One bit of advice regarding ball mounts. Do not leave them in your hitch. In time they will rust in the hitch so severely that they will not come out. Neither we, nor anyone else that I know of has a method of removing them when this happens. We have actually removed hitches from vehicles and installed new ones because the customer needed to use a different style of ball mount.

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