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Toneau Covers

The Trifecta soft folding tonneau cover by Extang is one of my favorite products and the most popular cover we sell. People love it. It has a lifetime warranty and it is so easy to take on and off even I can do it. This makes is so versatile; you can run with it folded completely closed, with the front part of your bed covered or off your truck. Have you ever heard the saying "leave well enough alone"? I used to joke with customers that this cover is so perfect some engineer is going to improve it and ruin it. Well, they improved it but didn't ruin it. It is now the Trifecta 2.0 and it is still an outstanding cover. It is made in Michigan and we don't charge to install it. Could it get any better?

Extang makes a hard folding cover called the Solid Fold 2.0 which functions exactly like the Trifecta 2.0. This cover does have a little leaking problem, so if that is something you can't tolerate, we have another hard cover option.

Bak Industries makes the Revolver X2 that is low profile and seals really well. It is a little difficult to describe so stop in and see the display model. I have about nine different displays for you to check out and as long as you have a tailgate lock, they are secure.

trailer hitch


Heavy duty, leather grained fabric has new smooth, clean lines and low profile appearance.

trailer hitch


The all-new Extang Engineered clamping system attaches to your truck in seconds. Simply square up the cover to your truck and clamp the cover on.

trailer hitch


Open your tailgate, release the EZ-Lock Clamp and fold the cover back to your cab.

trailer hitch


Our new cab clamps lead the industry by attaching directly to your bed flanges without damage or alteration to your bed caps.

trailer hitch


Re-Engineered, the EZ-Lock Clamps now require less physical effort to open and provide added security.

trailer hitch


Not only does Extang cover your truck bed, we also cover your Trifecta 2.0 for the long haul with our industry exclusive Lifetime Warranty.

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