Trailer Hitches

trailer hitch

Trailer Hitches

We know hitches, you don't have to.

That is one of our tag lines and a trailer hitch purchase from us is a good example of us helping you not making a mistake. Logic may dictate that you only need a small hitch because you do not have a big car or a big trailer. I, however, will try and convince you that if they make a class III hitch for your vehicle, buy it. For the following three reasons.

First of all, it may be cheaper. We buy class III hitches in such volume that they are usually cheaper than the smaller hitches.

Second, if you may want to get a bike rack or a carrier that slips into the hitch, the class III hitches - 2" square opening - are much more stable.

Third, if you should get a bigger trailer someday, you do not want to be limited by the weight rating of your hitch.

We sell the Draw-Tite, Reese and Curt trailer hitches. They all carry a lifetime warranty.

Gross Trailer Weight

Class I                        (2,000 lbs)
Class II                       (3,500 lbs)
Class III                       (3,500 lbs)
Class IV                     (8,000+ lbs)
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